Music in freak show documentary, "Bleeding Clowns"

Shyam L. Jones used "Hard Times" and "Season In Hell" in part one of the documentary about freak shows, "Bleeding Clowns".  Not for viewers under 18 years old.  

Supporting soundtrack music on URMAKER's youtube channel
Like scary stories?  Like TRUE scary stories?  Like to jump?  Well check out URMAKER'S youtube channel and hear Joe's soundtrack work in the process.  The first story to use it is below.

Joe's 6 string Cigar Box guitar made by Humidor Guitars sent Joe a custom 6 string electric Cigar Box guitar.  More news and media on this to come.  In the meantime, here's a couple pics.  Click each pic for high resolution versions.  

For more information on Cigar Box Guitars, visit :
Rise Of The Scarecrows
Well.....due to a gross miscommunication among the parties involved, it turns out there's some music in a couple DVD's that came out somewhere between 2003 and 2009, and then again in 2013.  "Martin's Old Uke" and "Sunday Afternoon" were used in the indie schlock-horror movie, "Rise Of The Scarecrows".  Which has since been dubbed the best, worst horror movie ever made.

It is with pride we present to you both the original covers and purchasing links, to the best worst horror movie ever made.  Rise Of The Scarecrows.

NOTE : This has nothing to do with the previous announcement regarding new movie sound tracks.  This was a complete surprise.  There is still more new movie music coming.  

Just click the respective covers to purchase.  

Warped Sense 2
Lots of new stuff going on Lately .  Get ready for some new movie sound tracks and other fun.  In the meantime, here's a new release from the archives spanning from 2000-2015.  "Warped Sense 2." Recorded under the sponsorship of man's free will.  

Also available everywhere else on the planet.

Memento Mortis
Lovely Dead Films has included a messload of Joe's music in their new full length film, "Memento Mortis".    A photographer uses dead bodies as props in her erotic photos. Everything was going so well... until she fell in love.  Enjoy the first trailer below.  

Memento Mortis - New Trailer from Adam Chandonnet on Vimeo.

Guitar Wizards Vol III/IV
Versailles Records has digitally released Guitar Wizards volumes 3 and 4 which Joe appears on.  CD's will hit the streets in February 2015 but you can pre-order here :

and here :

Other artists on this disk include Jeff Healey, Chris Poland, Bruce Kulick, Blues Saraceno, Tracy G, and Tony Franklin.

Digital download is available HERE

Congratulations to Brent Stewart!

Congratulations to Brent Stewart, a full time musician from Richmond California who won the Timberline Guitars / Joe Becker autographed hat from the nambackers sweepstakes!

Joe featured on the Timberline Guitars website
Joe endorses Timberline Guitars and they have a new website up!  Go and check it out!!  
Also, lower down on this page you'll see you can enter to win a Timberline Guitars hat autographed by Joet!!
Autograph sweepstakes, enter to win!
Enter to win a Timberline Guitars hat autographed by Joe!  
Nambacker Nation is holding a sweepstakes for items autographed by several musicians, including Guns 'n Roses, Melissa Ethridge, Ray Parker Jr., Lamb of God and others.  Enter and you could win a Timberline Guitars hat autographed by Joe!
Contest ends September 1st, 2014.

Remember to tune in to Brandmeier 87.7 FM!

Hear Joe's music used for beds on the show!  Sample from today's show ( 06/13 ) below!
Joe's dad is in a new book - pick up a copy now!
Joe's dad is included in a new book written by Mick Mercer called, "Music to die for" 
covering his death-rock music, "Corpse".
Click HERE to purchase the book on Amazon 

Remember to tune in to Brandmeier 87.7 FM!

Hear Joe's music used for beds on the show!  Sample from today's show ( 05/29 ) below!
Interview on
Interview on
"From discovery all the way to deal making, and of course the quick getaway, there are many tricks of the trade guitar collectors like to use. One that used to work for my dad all the time was at garage sales. Once he ...." Click image below to read the full story at  
Interview with Guitarist Nation -
Joe on the Jonathon Brandmeier show

Starting 02/18/2014 tune in to the Jonathon Brandmeier show, on 87.7 FM, WGN radio Chicago.  When you hear him talking and this music playing in the background (link below) that's Joe.  When he chooses to play it will be random, but is now a part of the show's regular bed music catalog.
Joe now endorses Graphtech Guitar Labs
Joe was an endorser back in the early 2000's and now he's back on the list.  Visit today.

GHS Strings artists Joe Becker and David Gilmour featured in new book, "Guitar Men"

Click HERE to purchase the book on Amazon


Joe thanked in friend Jason Becker's, "Not Dead Yet" documentary
Click HERE to purchase the movie from Amazon