Become a Volunteer

Hooves to Heal, NFP therapeutic riding center needs volunteers in order to provide the services we offer. You are the key to our success and we would love to have you as part of our team! Volunteer opportunities include:

Horse Leader - The responsibility of the horse leader is to safely guide the horse and participant through out the lesson. Your first priority is horse. You must also be aware of the participant, instructor, sidewalkers/spotters and watch for any potential hazards.

Sidewalker/Spotters - Sidewalkers and spotters safely assist the participants during the lesson by walking alongside the participant at the knee by either holding on or spotting. Sidewalkers and spotters are directly responsible for the safety of the participant. You are to reinforce what the instructor is saying if the participant is not listening. Encourage the participant to the best of their ability.

Barn Aid - Experienced assistance is needed for various barn duties. Barn aids will assist in grooming and tacking the horses, lead them back to the lesson or back to their stalls. Maintain cleanliness of tack, equipment and stalls.

Horse Handler/Rider - Need a quick horse fix!! We always need volunteers to help keep the horses “connected” with their responsibilities.

Natural Horsemanship - Experienced volunteers that are knowledgeable or willing to learn natural horsemanship. All horses are handled in a consistent manner to ensure safety.

Instructor-In-Training - If your goal is to become a Certified Instructor, we offer the opportunity to get hands on experience in our program. After successfully completing the requirements from NARHA, responsibilities may include teaching a part of the lesson, create lesson plans and evaluations.

Carpentry - Volunteers can help with general maintenance, repairs, and improvements of our facility.

Office, Fund Raising and Special Events - This is the heart of our organization and is what keeps us going. There are many opportunities for involvement; various fundraising, special events committees and office work. You will be an invaluable part of our program. This is a great way to unite people who are passionate about Hooves to Heal.

If you have the time, we sure could use your help. We can’t do it without you!

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete our Volunteer Forms. If you have any

questions, please call Patty at 847-293-6176 or Sara 847-338-7040.



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