Need a jingle for your radio commercial?  
In a pinch because you need the perfect sound or song for the slasher scene in your new film?  
Need some fresh bed music for your new radio show?  
Have you heard a song by Joe Becker in a movie and want to know where to buy it?  
This is the place.

Utilizing the latest state of the art technology in recording and production equipment,
turn around times are fast.  Real fast.

With immediate access to a large drum library, guitars, basses, pianos and outboard gear including amps, effects, microphones, it can be just a matter of moments from conception to final product.

Additionally, there is an existing catalog of over 100 final recordings to choose from for larger scale productions or more intricate mood requirements.  Styles in the catalog range from rock, to blues, to classical, to romantic, to ambient, to metal, to fusion to solo piano to experimental.  

Just a fan?  You can head on over to the discography page to purchase music or movies now!

Otherwise, if you have production needs, just shoot an email.