Muerte : Tales of Horror DVD AND BLU-RAY- OUT NOW!!

Four tales of horror presented around dorky wannabe witches Spencer, Misty, Holly and Celine who plan to take revenge on a former lover Carter they unknowingly were dating at the same time. Now they are seeking "special items" for a spell from a mysterious woman named Ophelia.   Meanwhile Carter's sidekick, Zak, is sent to steal a couple of items for a sťance at the same shop. While looking around for the items, Zak comes across a strange comic book called MUERTE and decides to steal that also. Soon afterward, strange things start to happen to Carter, Zak and their friends as they start to read the crazy stories featured in the comic book.
The first story is about a date with a vampire that goes horribly wrong. The second is about a vanity mirror given as a housewarming gift that turns into a soul-sucking mirror from hell. The third deals with a sin-eating El Cucuy looking for one of his bad "kids" that got away from him so many years ago.   And the final story, we will find out who unleashes all the evil at a party being held by Zak and Carter. 
Featuring music by Joe Becker