Monster - OUT NOW!!  

Top 40 on Punk Rock Demonstration shows 625 and 635 -

"Sounds like the future of horror music.  A true visionary." - C.J. Graham,  "Jason Voorhees" - Jason Lives" / Alice Cooper's, "He's Back" (Man behind the mask)

"With the jovial spirit of your favourite uncle, who's a serial killer, most of Joe Becker's songs on MONSTER have cheerful tunes and sadistic lyrics. Then he stabs you in the gut with 'Anita', which is chilling." - Nicholas Vince "The Chatterer" - Hellraiser / "Kinski" - Nightbreed -

“Anita”...needs to be heard to be believed. -
"If you are home alone and prone to seeing the shadows closing in around you then this is not a collection of songs for you, unless of course you get off with scaring the bejesus out of yourself". -
"Each track is like a tale of a different victim and how they either asked to be murdered or just how this absolute insane person took it upon themselves to give the victim a release from life". -

The Fixer - OUT NOW!!


Vic Simmons is a private investigator who helps people in desperate situations where the law cannot.  He is a troubled man forged by the tragic car accident death of his best friends Samantha and Derrick fifteen years ago.  When that happened, he made a solemn vow on Samantha’s grave that he would always be there for her younger sister, as a surrogate big brother.  However, with the toll of Vic’s emotionally trying work as The Fixer, he has neglected the people who mean the most to him.  The worst consequence is the menacing and domineering ex-boyfriend of Luther Resnick who has begun stalking Katie, and his level of intimidation is escalating to frightening levels.

Joe performs, "Hard Times" and "Hot As Love"