Top 40 on Punk Rock Demonstration shows 625 and 635 -

"Sounds like the future of horror music.  A true visionary." = C.J. Graham,  "Jason Voorhees" - Jason Lives" / Alice Cooper's, "He's Back" (Man behind the mask)

"With the jovial spirit of your favourite uncle, who's a serial killer, most of Joe Becker's songs on MONSTER have cheerful tunes and sadistic lyrics. Then he stabs you in the gut with 'Anita', which is chilling." - Nicholas Vince "The Chatterer" - Hellraiser / "Kinski" - Nightbreed -

“Anita”...needs to be heard to be believed. -
"If you are home alone and prone to seeing the shadows closing in around you then this is not a collection of songs for you, unless of course you get off with scaring the bejesus out of yourself". -
"Each track is like a tale of a different victim and how they either asked to be murdered or just how this absolute insane person took it upon themselves to give the victim a release from life". -

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